Data and Privacy Policy

2.21.20 Version

Data and Privacy Policy is owned by, LLC, a Texas limited liability company (collectively hereinafter “Omnknown”).

This Omnknown Data Policy describes the information and the handling of that information and the privacy policy concerning such information that Omnknown processes through Omnknown, and its Platforms, Services, Products, Systems, software and features offered by Omnknown (hereinafter collectively Omnknown Platforms, Products and Services).

What kinds of information do we collect?

To provide the Omnknown Platforms, Products and Services, we must process information about you. The types of information we collect depend on how you use our Products. You can learn how to access and delete information we collect by visiting the Omnknown Settings.

Information and content you provide.

We collect the content, communications and other information you provide when you use our Products, including when you sign up for an account, post notices or ads, create or share content, and subscribe to automatic notifications of postings. Our systems automatically process content and communications you and others provide to analyze context and what's in them for the purposes described below.

Networks and connections. We collect information about the type of notices and ads you post, who views them, and how you interact with content and subscriptions across our platform, without limitation. We also collect contact information if you choose to upload, synchronize or grant access to us to information (such as an address book or call log or SMS log history), which we use for things like helping you and others find posted notices and ads you may post, visit or subscribe to notices about, and for the other purposes listed below.

  • Your usage. We collect information about how you use our Platform and Products, such as the types of content you post and/or view as a user searching on the site or engage with; the features you use; the actions you take; the people or accounts you interact with, if any; and the time, frequency and duration of your notice postings, their topics, user searches of your notices, the kinds of notices that you post and/or that interest you, and your subscription to be notified of the notice postings of others.

  • Information about transactions made on our Platforms and Products. If you use our Platform and Products for purchases or other financial transactions (such as when you pay to post a notice or ad, or purchase something being sold through Omnknown, e.g., a ticket, product or item) we collect information about the notice, purchase, subscription, or transaction. This includes payment information, such as your credit or debit card number and other card information; other account and authentication information; and billing, shipping and contact details.

Things others do and information they provide about you.

We also receive and analyze content, communications and information that other people provide when they use our Platforms and Products. This can include, without limitation, information about you, your business or organization, send a message to you, or upload, sync or import your contact information.

Device Information

As described below, we collect information from and about the computers, smart phones, connected TVs and other web-connected devices you use that interface with our Platforms and Products, and we combine this information across different devices you use. For example, we use information collected about your use of our website on your phone, computer or tablet, without limitation, to better personalize the content or features you see that you use when you use our Platform as a poster or searcher.

Information we obtain from your devices includes:

  • Device attributes: information such as the operating system, hardware and software versions, battery level, signal strength, available storage space, browser type, app and file names and types, and plugins.

  • Device operations: information about operations and behaviors performed on the device, such as whether a window is foregrounded or backgrounded, or mouse movements (which can help distinguish humans from bots).

  • Identifiers: unique identifiers, device IDs, and other identifiers, such as from apps or accounts you use, and (or other identifiers unique to Omnknown Platforms and Products associated with the same device or account).

  • Device signals: Bluetooth signals, and information about nearby Wi-Fi access points, beacons, and cell towers.

  • Data from device settings: information you allow us to receive through device settings you turn on, such as access to your GPS location, without limitation.

  • Network and connections: information such as the name of your mobile operator or ISP, language, time zone, mobile phone number, IP address, connection speed and, in some cases, information about other devices that are nearby or on your network.

  • Cookie data: data from cookies stored on your device, including cookie IDs and settings.

Information from partners.

Our partners send us information through Omnknown Business Tools. These partners provide information about your activities off Omnknown—including information about your device, websites you visit, notice placement payments and subscriptions you make, the ads you see, and how you use their services—whether or not you have an Omnknown account or are logged into Omnknown. We also may receive information about your online and offline actions and purchases from third-party data providers who have the rights to provide us with your information, if any.

Partners receive your data when you visit or use their services or through third parties they work with. We make reasonable commercial efforts to try to be sure each of these partners to have lawful rights to collect, use and share your data before providing any data to us.

How do we use this information?

We use the information we have or get from partners (subject to choices you make) as described below and to provide and support the Omnknown Platforms and Products and related services described in the Omnknown Terms of Service.

Here's how and why:

We use such information to provide, personalize and improve our Products. We use the information we have to deliver our Products, including to personalize features and content (including any feeds, and ads, without limitation) and make suggestions for you (such as events you may be interested in or notice and/or ad topics you may want to be notified about if you are a subscriber) on and off our Platforms and Products. We use such information to create personalized Products that are unique and relevant to you, we use your connections, preferences, interests and activities based on the data we collect and learn from you and others (including any data with special protections you or your business or organization choose to provide); how you use and interact with our Platforms and Products; and the people, places, or things you're connected to and interested in on and off our Platforms and Products.

  • Information across Omnknown Platforms, Products and devices: We connect information about your activities on different Omnknown Platforms, Products and devices to provide a more customized and consistent experience on all Omnknown Platforms and Products you use, wherever you use them. We can also use the information to make your experience more seamless, for example, by automatically filling in your registration information (such as your phone number) from one of Omnknown Platforms, Products and Services when you sign up for an account on a different Product, if you do.

  • Location-related information: We use location-related-information such as your current location, where you live, the places you like to go, and the businesses and people you're near to provide, personalize and improve our Products, including notices and ads, for you, your organization, and/or others. Location-related information can be based on things like precise device location (if you've allowed us to collect it), IP addresses, and information from your and others' use of Omnknown Platforms and Products.

  • Platform and Product research and development: We use the information we have to develop, test and improve our Platforms and Products, including by conducting surveys and research, and testing and troubleshooting new platform tweaks, products and features.

  • Facial recognition technology (FRT): If Omnknown institutes FRT and you or your organization have it turned on, we will use FRT to recognize you in photos, and video experiences. The face-recognition templates we create, if we do, may constitute data with special protections under the laws of your country.

  • Ads and other sponsored content: We use the information we have about you, your business or your organization, including information about your type of notice postings, and subscription choices, without limitation, to select and personalize ads, offers and other sponsored content that we show you.

Provide measurement, analytics, and other business services.

We use the information we have (including your activity off our Platforms and Products, such as the websites you visit and ads you see) to help advertisers and other partners measure the effectiveness and distribution of their ads and services, and understand the types of people and organizations who use their services and how people interact with their websites, apps, and services.

Promote safety, integrity and security.

We use the information we have to verify accounts and activity, combat harmful conduct, detect and prevent spam and other bad experiences, maintain the integrity of our Platforms and Products, and promote safety and security on and off of Omnknown Platforms and Products. For example, we use data we have to investigate suspicious activity or violations of our Terms of Service or Data and Privacy Policy, without limitation, or to detect when someone needs assistance.

Interactions with you or your business or organization.

We may use the information we have about you or your organization to send you marketing communications, communicate with you about our Products, and alert you about changes in Omnknown Terms of Service, Data and Privacy Policy, and other policies. We also use your information to respond to you when you contact Omnknown.

Perform Research and Innovate to Improve Omnknown.

We use the information we have (including from affiliates we collaborate with) to conduct research and engineer upgrades for Omnknown Platforms and Products.

How Omnknown information about you, your business or your organization is shared:

Your information is shared with others in the following ways:

Sharing may occur internally on Omnknown Platforms and Products.

Information may be shared with persons, businesses, organizations and other Omnknown accounts with whom you communicatecollaborate and share information.

Public information, including any information you designate as public, can be seen by anyone, on Omnknown Platforms and Products, including if they don't have an account. This includes any information you post in notices or ads, including without limitation, your username; any information you share with a public audience; content you share on an Omnknown post or ad or on any other public forum, such as, without limitation, any Omnknown marketplace, if any, there comes to be in the future. You, other people using Omnknown, and we can provide access to or send public information to anyone on or off Omnknown Platform and Products, including in other Omnknown Platforms or Products, in search results, or through apps, tools and APIs. Public information can also be seen, accessed, reshared or downloaded through third-party services such as search engines, APIs, offline media such as TV, and by apps, websites and other services that integrate with Omnknown Platforms and Products, if any so integrate with Omnknown.

You should consider with whom you choose to share information, because any people, businesses and organizations who can see your notice on our Products can choose to share it with others on and off Omnknown Platforms and Products, including people, businesses and organizations. For example, when you post a notice or ad or designate public information on your account, if you so designate, others can download, screenshot, or reshare that content to others across or off of Omnknown Platforms and Products, or orally or through other communication modalities, as might be expected.

Apps, websites, and third-party integrations on or using Omnknown Platforms and Products:

When you choose to use third-party apps, websites, browsers, or other services, without limitation (collectively “Third Party Products”), that use, or integration with our Platforms and Products, if any, may cause those Third Party Products to receive information about the notices and ads you post or your organization posts and through those postings, information about you, and/or your business and organizations. Also, when you download or use such Third-Party Products, including services, they may be able to access some or all your information on Omnknown, along with any information that you share with them. Third Party Products you use will not be able to receive any other information about your Omnknown posted notices or ads from Omnknown other than what you place into the content you post. However, information collected by these Third-party services is subject to their own terms and policies, not this Omnknown Data and PrivacyPolicy.

Devices and operating systems providing native versions of Omnknown (i.e. where Omnknown has not developed its own first-party apps), if any, will have access to all information you choose to share with them, if any, and that is solely within your control and responsibility, and Omnknown has no responsibility for such voluntary sharing of your information with Third Party Products.

Dealing with Developer Data Misuse or Omnknown User Disuse of Apps:

Omnknown will remove developers' access to your Omnknown account and datawhen and if Omnknown learns that they have engaged in data abuse of a serious nature. A developer who has committed such abuse who later requests any other data will require our approval to get it and get it only if we feel reasonably confident that there will be no future misuse (though there cannot be a guaranty of that).

New owner of Omnknown, if that occurs:

If the ownership or control of all or part of our Platforms and Products or their assets changes, you agree, by your initial use of Omnknown and its Platforms and Products, that we may transfer your information to the new owner.

Sharing with Third-Party Partners

We work with third-party partners who help us provide and improve our Platforms and Products or who use Omnknown business tools to grow their businesses, which makes it possible to operate our company(ies) and provide services to people around the world. We don't sell any of your specific information to anyone, and we never will. We may sell generic user information that cannot be traced to an individual user, e.g., the percentage of users on Omnknown who use a particular app, website or respond favorably to a particular notice or ad, without limitation We may, but are not obligated to, impose restrictions on how our partners can use and disclose the non-specific data about users we provide.

Here are the types of third parties we share information with:

Partners who use our analytics services.

We provide aggregated statistics and insights that help people and businesses understand how people are engaging with Omnknown account holders’ notices, ads, posts, listings, videos (if any) and other content on and off the Omnknown Platforms and Products. For example, notice and ad posts, admins and business profiles receive information about the number of people or accounts who viewed their posts and ads, as well as aggregate demographic and other information that helps them understand interactions with your notice and ad posts and/or your account.


We provide advertisers with reports about the kinds of people seeing their notices and ads and how their ads on Omnknown, if any, are performing, but we don't share information that personally identifies you (i.e., we do not provide specific identifying information such as your name or email address that by itself can be used to contact you or identifies who you are) unless you give us explicit permission. For example, we provide general, non-user-specific demographic and interest information to advertisers (for example, that an ad was seen by a woman between the ages of 25 and 40 who lives in Austin and works at and likes design marketing) to help them better understand their audience. We also confirm which ads appearing on Omnknown led you to make a purchase or take an action with an advertiser.

Measurement partners:

We share nonspecific user information (information through which you cannot be identified or contacted) about our users, account holders and subscribers with companies that aggregate it to provide analytics and measurement reports to our partners.

Partners Advertising or Offering Goods and Services on Our Platforms and Products or Their Products or Services.

When you subscribe to receive information on posts of notices and/or ads by other persons, businesses or organizations, or use our Platforms or buy our Products, or the products of others, the content creator or seller can receive your public information and other information you explicitly authorize to share with them, as well as the information needed to complete the transaction, including shipping and contact details, etc.

Vendors and service providers:

We provide information and content to vendors and service providers who use and/or support our business, such as by providing technical infrastructure services, analyzing how our Platforms and Products are used, providing customer service, facilitating payments, conducting surveys, selling products and services on Omnknown, without limitation.

Researchers, Data Analysts and Academics:

Omnknown may provide information and content to research partners, analysts and academics to conduct research that advances scholarship and innovations that support our business and other efforts, and enhances discovery and innovation on topics of general social welfare, technological advancements, public interest, health and healthcare, environmental protection, and overall personal, business and organizational well-being, without limitation.

Law enforcement or legal requests:

Omnknown shares information with law enforcement and/or other legitimate governmental departments and authorities, federal and state, in response to formal legal requests unless we feel such requests are clearly unlawful or unconstitutional. In the latter case, we may seek court determination of our obligation to respond and will do so if an order determines we must provide the information but we reasonably feel the order is not lawful or constitutional.

How do the Omnknown Companies and Affiliates work together, when and if they do?

Omnknown and its other companies, if any, and affiliates share infrastructure, systems and technology with other companies, affiliates and providers to provide an innovative, relevant, consistent and safe experience with Omnknown Companies’ Platforms and Products you might use. We also process information about you across the Omnknown Companies for these purposes, as permitted by applicable law and in accordance with our and their terms and policies. We also work to understand how people use and interact with Omnknown Company Platforms and Products, such as understanding the number and type of users on different Omnknown Company Platforms and Products, without limitation.

Deleting information about me, my business or my organization, if desired or necessary:

We provide you with the ability to access, rectify, port and erase your data and you can learn more on this by viewing your Omnknown settings.

We store data until it is no longer necessary to provide our services through Omnknown Platforms and Products, or until your account is deleted - whichever comes first. This is a case-by-case determination that depends on things like the nature of the data, why it is collected and processed, and relevant legal or operational retention requirements, without limitation. For example, when you search for something on Omnknown, you can access and delete that query from within your search history at any time, but the log of that search in the Omnknown database is deleted after six (6) months regardless. For more expedited deletion, if you submit a copy of your government-issued ID for account verification purposes, we delete that copy thirty (30) days after submission.

When you delete your account, we delete information that you have posted as part of notices and ads and you won't be able to recover that information later. If you don't want to entirely delete your account but want to temporarily stop using the Omnknown Platforms and Products, you can deactivate your account instead. To delete or deactivate your account at any time, please visit Omnknown settings.

How do we respond to legal requests or prevent harm?

As detailed above, we access, preserve and share your information with regulators, law enforcement or others:

  • In response to a legal request (like a search warrant, court order or subpoena) if we have a good faith belief that the law requires us to do so. This may include responding to legal requests from jurisdictions outside of the United States when we have a good-faith belief that the response is required by law in that jurisdiction, affects users, account holders and/or subscribers in that jurisdiction, and is consistent with internationally recognized legal and other applicable standards.

  • When we have a good-faith belief it is necessary to: detect, prevent and address: (1) fraud; (2) unauthorized use of the Omnknown Platforms and Products; (3) violations of our Terms of Service or Data and Privacy Policy or other policies, or other harmful or illegal activity; (4) to protect ourselves (including our rights, property and/or Platforms and Products), you, your business or organization or others, including as part of investigations or regulatory inquiries; or (5) to prevent death or imminent bodily harm. For example and if relevant, we provide information to and receive information from third-party partners about the reliability of your account to prevent fraud, abuse and other harmful activity on and off our Platforms and Products, all without limitation.

Information we receive about you (including financial transaction data related to posting of notices or ads, subscriptions to access other parties’ notice and ad postings, etc. made with Omnknown) can be accessed and preserved for an extended period when it is the subject of a legal request or obligation, governmental investigation, or investigations of possible violations of our terms or policies, or otherwise to prevent harm. We also retain information from accounts disabled for Terms of Service or Data and Privacy Policy violations to assess and prevent repeat abuse or other Omnknown policies, or legal violations.

Data transfer as part of Omnknown’s global services

Omnknown shares information globally, both internally within the Omnknown Company(ies) and affiliates, and externally with our partners and notice posters, users and subscribers around the world in accordance with this policy. Your information may, for example, be transferred or transmitted to, or stored and processed in the United States or other countries outside of where you live or your organization operates for the purposes as described in this policy. These data transfers are necessary to provide the services set forth in the Omnknown Terms of Service and to operate around the world, and provide our Platform and Products to you, your business and/or organization. We rely on the European Commission regarding doing business in certain countries, if and as applicable, and obtain your consent for these data transfers to the United States and foreign countries.

How Omnknown will notify you of changes to this data policy?

Omnknown will notify you, your business or your organization within a reasonable time after we make substantive and material changes to this policy and give you the opportunity to review the revised policy before you choose to continue using our Platform and Products.

How to contact Omnknown with questions

You can learn more about how your data and privacy is protected on Omnknown. If you have questions about this Data Policy, you can contact us at the addresses below.

Contact Omnknown:

You can contact Omnknown using our direct website email contact link or by smail mail at:, LLC
Attn: Customer Issues
P.O. Box 162570
Austin, TX 78716-2570

Dispute Resolution Process (specifically for issues, claims, etc. relating to Omnknown’s Data and Privacy Policy and other provisions contained in this Data and Privacy Policy):

Note: disputes and claims relating to Omnknown’s Terms of Service and related issues on the Platform, Systems and Products of Omnknown, meaning anything else other than matters falling within Omnknown’s Data Policy which includes Omnknown’s privacy policy provisions, shall be dealt with according to the dispute resolution mechanisms set forth in Omnknown’s Terms of Service agreement.

Omnknown in its sole discretion may resolve disputes you have with us in connection with our Data and Privacy Policy and practices through OneTrust. You can contact OneTrust through the website link.

If the OneTrust dispute resolution process fails to resolve the matter, and/or at Omnknown’s sole discretion to bypass OneTrust and proceed to the following dispute resolution mechanisms, the dispute will be submitted to confidential mediation before a mutually acceptable mediator, and, if the mediation is unsuccessful, or if Omnknown feels mediation will be unavailing after the failure of the OneTrust process, proceed expeditiously to confidential (nonpublic) binding non-appealable arbitration before one retired judge mutually acceptable to you and Omnknown, or failing mutual acceptance of a retired judge, a retired judge selected by a Texas State District Judge in Travis County, Texas, with the arbitration being conducted under the commercial arbitration rules of, but not under the auspices of nor within the American Arbitration Association (AAA), with the prevailing party being entitled to an award by the arbitrator of its reasonable attorney’s fees, costs and reasonable expenses, but before the time an arbitration judgment is rendered and the prevailing party is determined, the parties shall split the costs of the mediator and/or arbitrator, as the case may be, for the above-designated mediation and/or arbitration. Any arbitration order or judgment will be enforceable in a state of federal court with jurisdiction over the parties. You agree that the venue for any mediation and/or arbitration held under this Data and Privacy Policy or any court action relating to the arbitration provisions of this Data and Privacy shall be in Travis County, Texas.

Note: the purpose of making data and privacy issues disputes subject to confidential mediation and/or binding non-appealable arbitration is to protect the nature of confidential and private information whose handling or integrity may be at issue, without limitation, in a private mediation and/or arbitration proceeding. That protection cannot be reasonably assured in a public court proceeding because sealing information in a public court proceeding is laborious, expensive and entirely within the discretion of the court.

Date of Last Revision: February 21, 2020