What Is Omnknown.com?

Omnknown.com is a website for posting classified notices or ads at a fraction of the cost of current conventional advertising in print or digital notice and ad platforms like the NYT, WSJ, WaPo, and most local newspapers, etc. and you may post way more content --- up to 7 MB. See the Omnknown vs. Current Print and Digital Rate Comparison.

To see Omnknown’s full low posting rates for different periods of time --- which rates are further progressively discounted as the time-frame for the posting of a notice or ad grows --- go to this link: Rates.

You may post on Omnknown by uploading a notice or ad prepared by you or your organization, or you may instead use and fill in one of Omnknown’s forms and post through that. If you open an account on Omnknown, your first notice or ad post, for up to a month, will be free for up to one month with the use of the FIRSTPOST promo code.

Omnknown is designed to be the first central place for people and organizations to post, and for potential users to find notices and ads for: legal proceedings, events, entertainments, RFPs, services, products, scientific medical and academic abstracts, without limitation, (see the “Categories” pull down menu) that they need to know about or want to attend or acquire. Omnknown is a website where you can expose your notice or ad to the world --- hence the name, “Omnknown” meaning “known everywhere.”

If you worry that a posting on Omnknown, at the beginning as Omnknown scales, will not get the exposure you need, take out a tiny one inch notice or ad in the NYT or WSJ or other expensive platform and link it to an Omnknown posted notice or ad where you have 7 MB of content space.

Referral bonus: If you become an account holder at Omnknown and you refer another person or organization to Omnknown and that person or organization referred takes out an account on Omnknown to post a notice or ad, you will automatically be sent a promotion code for a free month-long posting or ad on Omnknown. Moreover, if your organization is a non-profit (NPO), your organization will be subject to a 33.33% discount on your organization’s postings on Omnknown.

In Omnknown’s coming next 2.0 iteration, if you wish to be automatically sent push notifications to monitor categories, and/or persons or organizations and/or localities, etc. you select, for you to be able to monitor legal proceedings, events, entertainments, sales, products, auctions, etc. as they are posted on Omnknown, you may subscribe for these notifications at a very modest cost shown on the Rates.

Omnknown will also be adding in the near future as content level reaches volume, translation facilities in multiple languages, and an archiving feature for appropriate categories, e.g. legal notices, for later searching for legal or other historical purposes.

Also coming in the near future will be an Omnknown app that will allow you to post notices and ads using your smartphone camera or a pdf already on your phone.