Frequently Asked Questions

Omnknown is a website for posting classified notices and ads up to 7MB in content for classified categories for a fraction of the cost of normal print or digital notice/ad rates including the following categories, without limitation:

  • legal notices
  • entertainment event notices
  • sale notices
  • family event notices, e.g., birth; bar/bat mitzvah; engagement; marriage; separation; divorce; anniversary; death
  • NPO/charitable events
  • events (musical, dramatic, sports, concerts, etc.)
  • RFPs (requests for proposals)
  • estate sales
  • garage sales
  • auctions
  • IP grants, e.g., granted patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.
  • academic papers and abstracts; etc.

Omnknown notices and ads may be searched for free by visitors to (users of) the Omnknown website.

Click on the following link to see the radically cheaper costs for placing a notice or posting up to 7 MBs of content each, on Omnknown: Rates. See the Rate Comparisons among Omnknown and well-known print and digital ad rates by clicking this link: Rate Comparison

Anyone who visits the Omnknown website and searches for free the categories of notices and ads on Omnknown will be able to see your notice or ad. Only notices that are currently within the paid publication period will be visible.

Depending on the type of notice or ad, it will be categorized under, if applicable and without limitation: the subject of the notice, e.g., car sale ad, concert notice or charitable event notice; notice of bankruptcy; the locality where the event or sale is located; and the relevant date(s) and price of the sale item or event price; and the name and contact info of the person or company posting the notice or ad.

Yes, you will be able to pay an additional fee to have your notice or ad featured at the beginning of the category of your notice or ad.

First, Omnknown’s notice/ad posting costs a mere fraction of current rates for much smaller size print and digital notices/ads on other major platforms. Click on the following link to see an approximate comparison between the cost of current print and digital notice/ads versus the radically cheaper cost to post on Omnknown: Rate Comparison. Second, whereas in a existing print and digital notice, event and ad platforms your posting is limited to a very limited to a one-inch columnar space, when you post a notice or ad on Omnknown you get 7 MB of notice/ad content posting space. Third, by paying a modest subscription fee per year (Subscription Rates), Omnknown’s software will notify you or your organization of notices, legal notices, ads, RFPs, event postings, etc., on Omnknown in categories and/or for parties (persons or companies or organizations) and/or for localities that you designate and these will be pushed to you as they are posted to keep you up to date immediately on matters of interest to you posted on Omnknown which you want to know about, stat.

Yes, and it is also through your account that you can have access to the Omnknown Stripe paywall to pay for your notice or ad by credit or debit card.

No. Users who are searching notices, events and ads, etc. on Omnknown may search free and without an account. Only notice, event or ad posters, and subscribers to the push notice and ad posting alert email notices in categories of their choosing (coming soon in the next version of Omnknown) will be required to set up accounts.

Yes, the subscription facility will need to be set up through a subscription account so you have access to Omnknown’s Stripe paywall gateway to pay for the subscription by credit or debit card.

Go to and click on the “get started” button, fill out the account information, click on “post a notice” and either upload your pdf notice or select one of Omnknown’s templates and fill it in, select the time period for the notice or ad then proceed to the paywall and pay for the notice, after which your notice or ad will be posted. The first notice you post after setting up an account will be free of charge for one month by using the promo code FIRSTPOST.

You will need to go to and click on the “get started” button, fill out the account information, click on “select alert categories” and select the categories of notices and/or persons or organizations or events you wish to be alerted about, select the time period for the subscription, then proceed to the paywall and pay for the subscription, after which your subscription will be activated.

Omnknown provides the ability to manage and update your notices. To make changes to a notice you created on Omnknown go to your dashboard and select the notice you would like to edit.

Yes. If you refer a new notice posting party or new subscription purchasing party, you as a existing account holder or subscriber with an account will be awarded one free month-long posting (which will be in addition to the initial free month-long posting you get when you set up your account initially to do postings on Omnknown).

The amount of content you can have in a file depends on what the content is. For example, as you see in 7mb_text.pdf, 7MB can hold over 2000 pages of text. As for images, the quality greatly affects memory size. The example (7mb_images.pdf) has four high quality stock images. It is only four pages long but is almost 7MB. After compressing these images to a lower quality, the same file is only 0.7MB (compressed_images.pdf).